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Welcome to Burton Networks

As a commercial web hosting and design company, Burton Networks integrates full-featured, web hosting solutions with custom, web design services. Competitively priced, and backed by our complete customer satisfaction guarantee, our professional services give your web site the foundation for success. Whether you need state-of-the-art web hosting for your domain, or custom web design, we take the time to do things right!


Hosting with Burton Networks is easy. Signup now and we can initiate the transfer of your current domain or register a new one for your company, FREE of charge. Your services can be configured within the hour and consist of the following:


Our custom web design services offer the very latest in cutting-edge, Internet technologies. We can establish or enhance your internet presence by offering the following:


Each Burton Networks hosted domain's e-mail services are integrated with our proprietary web mail client offering the following:

  • Domain privileged administrators can
    • add,
    • edit,
    • delete, or
    • view domain mailboxes.
  • Mailbox owners can set
    • owner information,
    • auto-reply,
    • forwarding,
    • etc.
  • All users can
    • check,
    • compose,
    • reply, or
    • forward mail via the postoffice.

The following various Internet tools have been provided for your convenience:

  • Finger - Displays information about a user on a specified system running the Finger service.
    user@computer, Expression, or ?
  • Nslookup - This diagnostic tool displays information from Domain Name System (DNS) name servers.
    Hostname, IP, Expression, or ?
  • Ping - Verifies connections to a remote computer or computers.
    Hostname, IP, Expression, or ?
  • Tracert - This diagnostic utility determines the route taken to a destination by sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo packets with varying Time-To-Live (TTL) values to the destination.
    Hostname, IP, Expression, or ?
  • Whois - Retrieves registrant information and checks availability of domain names using various Whois servers.
    Hostname, Expression, or ?

The following various support options have been provided for your convenience:

  • ADODB - programmatic illustrations of how to connect to, add, edit, delete, and view database records using your FREE, OLE Layer, connection object
  • CDONTS - example code on how to create instances, set properties, and call methods of the CDONTS.NewMail object for sending e-mail using ASP
  • Countries - countries with ISO Codes, capitals, and continents
  • Device Reports - statistical reports generated from the logs of continuously monitored devices
  • Domains - Burton Networks hosted domains
  • E-Mail Setup - parameters used to connect to your e-mail server for send and receive capabilities using your favorite e-mail client
  • HTML Attributes - HTML attributes with corresponding elements
  • HTML Color Names - HTML color names with hexadecimal values and RGB (red, green, blue) decimal values
  • HTML Elements - HTML elements with corresponding attributes
  • States - states with state abbreviations, capitals, and nicknames
  • Unicode Data - Unicode code values, character names, and general categories
  • Web Publishing - locating and logging into your web for publishing content using Microsoft® FrontPage® or any of the various FTP clients
  • Zip Codes - zip codes, cities and states

The following various downloads have been provided for your convenience:

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